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Our dear friend and partner![/wpcol_1third] [wpcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Henry C. Wagner III, a co-founder and managing partner of investment advisory firm The Rockledge Group LLC, died of natural causes at his home on July 20. He was 60 years old.

A 26-year veteran of the institutional investment industry, Mr. Wagner spent more than 20 years as a financial manager for CIGNA Investment Advisory Co. Inc. before co-founding Rockledge Group with Vlad Dimanshteyn and Alex Gurvich in 2004.

Messrs. Dimanshteyn and Wagner worked together for about 13 years at CIGNA before the two decided to launch Rockledge with Mr. Gurvich. “Henry and I came up with ideas together for many years,” Mr. Dimanshteyn said. “We had the perfect working relationship. I will miss Henry very much as a friend and partner.”

“I’ve only been working with Henry for four years,” Mr. Gurvich said. He added that he met Mr. Wagner through Mr. Dimanshteyn, who is his childhood friend of more than 20 years. Before joining Rockledge, he worked at General Electric Capital. “These four years were very intense though because starting a firm is always more intense than working in a corporate setting. I really loved working with Henry because he was very professional. He was a brilliant man but extremely low key and down to earth.”

Mr. Gurvich said Mr. Wagner was the visionary behind Rockledge, having developed the concept of sector alpha during his time as a director of portfolio management at CIGNA.
“Henry noticed the sector effect through managing billions at CIGNA,” Mr. Gurvich said. Sector selection emphasizes investor allocation by economic sector and by size and style in purely U.S. stock portfolios and the importance of regional allocation policy in international stock portfolios. (cont.)