The Rockledge Group

The Rockledge Group is an investment management firm specializing in Alternative Strategies and Sector Investing using “Sector Scoring and Allocation Methodology”. SectorSAM™ is a robust proprietary quantitative sector selection and rotation investment process. We have a demonstrated ability to obtain superior risk-adjusted returns by successfully forecasting the relative strength of sectors within the S&P 500 index.

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Over two decades ago the founding partners pioneered an investment approach based on the philosophy that the bulk of individual stock performance can be attributed to the sector the stock is in. We believe that sector investing provides better risk adjusted returns than investing in individual stocks. Based on this philosophy and using fundamental data, a quantitative analysis to score and rank sectors was developed and successfully tested with substantitative results. Consequently this strategy was used to manage over $9 billion of pension assets for a large insurance company.


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The Rockledge Group was founded in 2004 and in 2005 we launched our first strategy, which was given a name “L2 Market Outperform”. L2 successfully forecasts undervalued sectors and over the last eight years it has significantly outperformed its benchmark S&P 500.

In 2008 a Long/Short version of this investment philosophy was developed and launched. This strategy, called “SectorAlpha”, is designed to provide stable monthly returns in any market environment over a market cycle.


Rockledge works in various capacities with investors, for more information visit our Rockledge manages assets for high net worth individuals and institutions in the US and Europe. Our strategies are available on the following platforms: Interactive Brokers, Placemark, Covestor, FolioFN.

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